Muskingum County Digital Network


Muskingum County’s Coverage

Attract new customers now in the Zanesville area on our Muskingum County digital network. Our digital billboards are strategically placed in 3 prime locations to transmit your advertising messages to over 180,000 motorists everyday. People who need what you sell and have the money to buy it. Locations include:


Maple avenue at Bell Street

One of the busiest intersections in Muskingum County – where the 3 stop lights pause traffic in front of the wal mart right across from Genesis hospital. This digital billboard will impress customers from over 11,000 residences on their way to 960 businesses within a 2-mile radius.


Maysville Pike @ Route 719

South Zanesville stop at the intersection of Maysville Pike and Route 719 where your message provides a welcome diversion from the red stop light – talk about a captive audience. Nearly 9,500 residential homes and 667 businesses are located within a 2-mile radius of this billboard.


Maple Ave @ Adair St

On the other end of Maple Avenue at the intersection of Adair sits our next digital billboard. This location will garner the attention of nearly 70,000 locals and motorists each day who live, play and work in Muskingum County.


Underwood St @ Zane Street

Downtown shoppers and diners cannot miss our digital billboard at Underwood and Zane Street facing the top restaurants and hotels. It also catches travelers entering interstate 70. This is a prime location to reach visitors and locals alike. In the middle of 11,000 residential homes and 1,100 commercial businesses.