7 Billboard Design Tips

We have all seem them. The busy billboards, jam-packed with information. It’s easy to make the mistake of wanting to fill a billboard that is 300+ square feet with information about your business. In the case of billboards, however, the old adage “Less is More” rings true.

Here are 7 tips to help you maximize your billboard design:

1. Keep it simple. 7-10 words of copy, maximum.
2. Use 1 point of contact, maximum. A website, phone number, street address, etc are not ALL needed in your ad. Choose one, or even none.
3. Focus on 1 message. Too many messages creates confusion.
4. Be bold, using high contrasting colors.
5. Use big fonts.
6. Use simple crisp fonts. The fancier the font, the less likely it will be legible.
7. Include these 4 components:

  1. A compelling image or photograph
  2. A catchy headline
  3. Logo/Name
  4. One form of contact info (if any)

Lastly, after implementing these 7 tips, give your design the “billboard test”. Print off a copy of your billboard proof or mock-up that was prepared for you by either your graphic designer or the billboard company. This can be on a regular 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Now, take that print out and tape it to a wall. Once taped to the wall, step back 10 feet. Can you read it? What is the main message that you take away from that billboard design? Next, get another opinion – preferably somebody that isn’t already familiar with your business or message. What do they take-away from the design? If you both take-away a positive message, chances are you billboard design is ready to go live! If you have conflicting thoughts on the main take-away, chances are good that you need to go back to the drawing board.

Here is a great example of the “Less is More” approach with billboard designs.


Far too much going on here.


Simple is better. This is a perfect branding style billboard.

If you need help crafting your perfect billboard design, please contact us!

Source: Muscle

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  1. I agree that when it comes to a billboard, less is more. I feel like most people only see the billboard for a few seconds, so having a concise message would be important. I am thinking about getting a mobile billboard for my business, so if I do, I’ll remember to keep the ad simple.

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