How often should you change your message?

Studies have shown the length of time a campaign remains effective is not necessarily
the result of too much frequency but rather the creative treatment. Some of the many
factors which may shorten or lengthen the effective life of an ad are:

Advertising Message

The complexity and relevance of the message, as well as the style used to
communicate to a consumer have an impact on the length of effectiveness. While
intriguing executions gain the most attention in the short term, if the solution is too
difficult to grasp or too obvious, the “life” of the execution may be much shorter.

Product or Product Category

Some product groups are more sensitive to consumer apathy than others.

Target Audience

The composition of the target audience has a bearing on the duration of an ad’s
usefulness. An ad aimed mainly at adults might have a quick wearout factor among

Number of Creative Executions

Multiple executions can be effective during a sustained advertising period. Multiple
executions of the strategy and relatively short posting times can be used to prolong the
ad’s “life.”

Timing and Flighting of Campaign

Mediacom’s What Works study has shown that outdoor can sustain awareness even
after the campaign has ended. Up to six weeks after the campaign has ended there is
no significant drop in awareness.


Competition pressures can affect an ad’s longevity. Where there is little differentiation
in the creative style of two competing products, strong media pressure can result in
category overkill and accelerate decay of both ads.

Media Weight Levels

The weight level plays a major role in determining the rate at which consumers learn of tire of a specific execution. Campaigns with heavy weight levels can extend awareness by using multiple executions through the advertising period.
Source: University of Alberta Study
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