Licking County Digital Network

Licking County’s Coverage

Our digital billboards are strategically located in Licking County and attract a captive audience of over 230,000 people everyday. Our network covers all major areas of the county and reaches the customers you want when they are ready to buy. Areas reached include Newark, Granville, Heath, Hebron, and Buckeye Lake!


    Digital Billboard 21st Street Newark, Ohio

    North 21st Street at Log Pond in Newark, Ohio

    Located across from the Newark Walmart. This digital billboard location reaches 40,000 people everyday – with 11,000 residential homes and 425 businesses within a 2-mile radius.

    Digital Billboard Rt. 79 Heath, Ohio

    Rt 79 @ Irving Wick in Heath, Ohio

    Located at the intersection of Rt. 79 and Irving Wick in Heath, Ohio. Nearby you will find shopping centers, restaurants the industrial park and the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority. An average of 40,000 motorists pass by this digital billboard location everyday coming from over 7,000 homes to visit 600 businesses. This intersection feeds into traffic heading toward I-70 and Buckeye Lake.

    Digital billboard Church Street, Newark, Ohio

    Rt. 16 @ Church Street, Newark, Ohio

    Targeting Granville and Licking County West. 60,000 travelers pass this billboard each day from 9,500 residences and 600 businesses.

    Digital Billboard Dayton Road, Newark, OHIO

    Rt 16 at Dayton Road, Newark, Ohio

    Cannot be missed by the 40,000 travelers headed west into Newark from all points east of Newark including Coshocton and Zanesville.

    Digital Billboard Rt. 13 Newark, Ohio

    Rt. 13 at Deo Drive, Newark, Ohio

    Put your message on this billboard and you will reach over 40,000 people each day! This is a growing area of Licking County and targets both residential and commercial traffic at the intersection of Rt. 13 and Deo Drive.