Mobile Billboard Program

An innovative and imaginative way for you to reach selected audiences with a compelling multimedia message. Our state-of-the-art mobile media truck can bring your message directly to a target audience of your choosing. Whether parked on your site, outside a major event or simply driving around town, our truck gets noticed and creates a lasting impression!

The Mobile Media Truck (MMT) offers 3 sides for traditional advertising opportunities.  With each side offering the capacity for scrolling through up to 5 separate messages. In addition, our truck offers you the opportunity to broadcast a unique message over its hi-definition sound system; making this a perfect marriage of sight and sound. Why not integrate your outdoor advertising print message with your radio spots?  Looking for more interaction? Why not integrate street level teams to further engage your audience?

Not sure how to execute a program? No problem! Our team of experts can create a customized plan that works for you.
Some popular mobile campaigns have been used for:

Zoned Route Coverage

Need to target specific zip codes? This program gives you the ability to choose who sees your message. Our truck will cover a specific route in the desired zip code by the week or weekend.

Event Marketing

Festivals, fairs, and sporting events are just a few ideal locations that that KesslerMobile Marketing can work for you! Parked at high-traffic, high-profile locations at each event your message will scroll in a rotation with other messages.

Want to get noticed even more? Broadcast a customized message on the sound system.

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