Photographing your digital billboard

I must admit I have struggled taking good quality photos of digital signs and billboards for years. Unfortunately, the convenience of snapping a photo on your iPhone does not apply when photographing a digital sign. If you have ever tried taking a photo of a digital billboard, you are very familiar with the “tiling” that appears (see example below).


The “tiling” look when the camera settings are not correct.

I recently purchased a Samsung digital camera. I am not a tech nerd – so I was a little intimidated by all the options and settings. Regardless, I went out in the field on a quest to take amazing photos of my client’s digital advertisements. After pushing every possible button on the camera – my photos still looked subpar. Frustrated, I called it quits for the day and consulted Doctor Google on the optimal way to photograph digital billboards.

Through my Google search, I found all of the answers to my questions on a tutorial by Watchfire Signs. This was the most comprehensive yet easy to digest information that I have found on this topic. My photos now look award winning — ok, that is probably not true, but they do look pretty darn good.


Post-tutorial photo. Ta-da!

If you need some guidance in this department here is the link to the Watchfire Tutorial on Photographing LED signs.

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